Welcome to Oak! 


You may ask yourself: what’s in a name? Well, sometimes a lot more than you think. Through the ages people have used oak whenever they wanted to build something creative that was reliable, sustainable and strong. As this brand new design company offers the same qualities, I have decided to call it /Oak/. And there is more to that name. I also chose it to indicate how versatile we are. The Dutch word ook, meaning 'also' or 'as well,' sounds the same as Oak. If most companies are specialized in one specific area of the business, I offer my services to all businesses and institutions that tickle my creativity. That's why I do not only work for the music industry - designing and creating concepts for the marketing and digital distribution of new music, but also for museums or more corporate stuff… 

And last but not least: in this case the pronoun /I/ in reality means /We/, since Oak can boast a vast network of programmers, writers, advisers, printers and creatives, who in most cases are at our disposition 24/7. So any question about our expertise and possibilities will be answered with just one short sentence:


                                                we do it Oak!


Yours, Marcel van den Broek




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