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Pattrn / Radio Universe IX
The Gods Planet

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Pattrn / Radio Universe IX / The Gods Planet

The Gods Planet welcomes the Belgian versatile artist Pattrn for the 9th episode of the Radio Universe series. With 5 diverse and intense compositions, this EP unfolds solid grooves and roaring bass-lines, with both subtle and overt melodic hooks. 

The EP starts with “Patesh”, a 117 bpm hydra that messes up your senses. It’s intense, obscure and flaunts gritty ambiances dancing along jazz influenced polyrhythmic beat signatures. Not your average techno, it's a deep, hypnotic and obsessive monster

Next up is “Kinetic Pulse”, a weapon of a track, creating rapid discharges of force field generators. The track holds high pitched bouncing sounds supported by mental underlying melodies.

"Beta Waves” - a continuation of Kinetic Pulse, is inspired by the waves the brain produces when activated. Expect a higher level of energy and even more mental melodies to feed your brain. It’s a trip into space and to higher states of consciousness.

“Stevia” is an ode to music producer Steevio and his signature style melodies. This track is all about the complex addition of hypnotic melodies, held together by a pulsating bass-line and a four to the flour kick drum. 

Last but not least, “When the Time Comes” holds deep meaning for Pattrn. Composed during lockdown, this track is an ode to a new era in Pattrn's musical journey. Influenced by nature, wide forests and deep melodies to touch your soul, this track will both elevate you and light up any dancefloor - a perfect blend between energy and melodies for lovers of hypnosis.
written by Dominic Ryan

Release specs

1. Pattrn - Patesh 
2. Pattrn - Kinetic Pulse 
3. Pattrn - Beta Waves
4. Pattrn - Stevia
5. Pattrn - When The Time Comes

Artist: Pattrn

Title: Radio Universe IX
Label: The Gods Planet
Catalogue: TGPRU09
Format: Digital

Release Date: 30.11.2021

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